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  • Tasha D. Manigo-Bizzell

The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil

Where you are right now is where you have chosen to be. Let that sink in for a minute. Every decision you have made up until this point has landed you right here. So, look around. Are you where you expected you would be, doing what you hoped you would be doing? If you answer “yes”, then carry on and enjoy the rest of your day. If your answer is “not really” then let’s take a moment to explore why that is. Is it time for you to ask for a little more responsibility, a greater challenge? Does your supervisor know all that you are capable of? Maybe you are not showcasing what you can do or maybe you have done everything humanly possible to make yourself stand out only to find out that it was not the right time for your professional debut.

In the meantime, while you are waiting, take this opportunity to hone your skills. Take advantage of the professional development and other training available to you. Don’t give up but do keep showing up ready and willing to do the work, whatever it is. Make yourself utterly indispensable so much so that in your absence, the atmosphere is just a wee bit off. Eventually you will be noticed, and you will be rewarded with greater tasks to match the level of your proficiency. Learn how to ask for what you want and know there are only three possible answers to any ask- “yes, no, or maybe”. Alternatively, the answer to the question that is never asked is always “no”. So, come boldly, be persistent, and make your requests known, remembering you have not because you ask not.

©2023 Tasha D. Manigo-Bizzell


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