November 2, 2019

Over the past few years I’ve been dealt some devastating blows to my health all while helping others find their own wellness utopia.  I have also witnessed many miracles, including my own, that I wholeheartedly believe stemmed from a deep knowing that such a thing was even possible.  Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine (allegedly) said “Natural forces within us are the healers of disease.”  If that is true then it’s possible, theoreti...

In all my years as an Esthetician and now as an Esthetic Nutritionist and Esteem Coach, I have worked with a range of clients- some who had great confidence and self-assuredness and others whose confidence was lower than a basement floor tile.  Unhealthy self-esteem is closely linked to an unhealthy addiction to perfectionism born out of an inherent need to be better than… 

In my experience, this breeds more insecurity which further dec...

October 22, 2017

 If I asked you what makes you happy, would you really know?  You might think you’d know.  Maybe you would give some arbitrary answer like money, love, music, friends, without any thought to what these things really provide.  So think for a moment, if we paired money and a terminal illness, would you be happy?  Could you be happy?  What about marriage and betrayal or job security and a dream deferred?  I think for a lot o...

September 2, 2015

Imagine what this life could be if we all (consistently) did what we enjoy. Then we would all be happy. Perhaps. What if we had proof that what we hope for will actually happen? Then we’ll be happy. Maybe.

Happiness is so much more than a single event or acquiring possessions. It’s ethereal. We can’t touch it but we feel it deeply and unmistakably in our souls. At one point or another we have all said “I want to be happy”, “I’ll be happy when...

January 9, 2015

It never fails- every year we vow to lose weight, get healthy, eat cleaner, and banish anything with more than 100 calories per serving. We plan, we track, and we strategize because on January 1st all is forgiven. All of our past attempts and mistakes with dieting doesn’t matter. This time we’ll make it. This time we will succeed! One…month…later…it is February and we didn’t only fall off the wagon, the wagon was in a head on collision with...

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Happy Endings- The Path to Wellness in the Midst of Confusion

November 2, 2019

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