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If you could start over where would you begin? The life you have is the one you created. The life you want is the one you should live. If it doesn’t exist, create it now. It’s up to you. Challenge yourself to move beyond what is familiar. Give yourself permission to do something different. Remember, brilliance is not perfection, it's a better you. Eight weeks to wellness. Eight weeks to a more brilliant you. How will you design your life? Your Muse Challenge begins now!

The Muse Challenge:

8 weeks to a more brilliant you!



The purpose of The Muse Challenge is to create the life you want.  You will be guided through 8 weeks that each focus on a different aspect of your personal wellness.  Participants of the Challenge have reported the following benefits: *increased energy *weight loss *change in eating habits *reduced stress *better sleep *improved mood *feeling more in-control *feeling empowered *deeper self love *more peace *increased positive outlook *greater work/life balance


  • Week 1 explores the idea of your ideal self.

  • Week 2 focuses on your true self and turning what you don’t like into something useful.

  • Week 3 refocuses your attention on what truly inspires you- your muse!

  • Week 4 looks at your habits and choices and the ingredients for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Week 5 focuses on letting go and moving forward.

  • Week 6 is all about taking risks and trusting your ideas.

  • Week 7 is all about you being good to you.

  • Week 8 rewrites your story and identifies the most important aspects of your redefined life.


At the end of the 8 weeks, you will develop a set of tools to help you continue on your personal journey to becoming a better you.  In addition, as a Muse Challenge participant you will receive 8 weekly one-on-one personal wellness coaching sessions complete with nutrition education; personal lifestyle assessment; specific dietary and behavior modification strategies to improve overall health; a customized wellness plan; and a special 20% discount on all supplements and personal care products purchased through The Muse Wellness on-line dispensaryYou will also be eligible to sign up for The Muse Re-Challenge once you complete the 8 week program.  Let’s get started!

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