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Meet Tasha:

I am a licensed Nutritionist, Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist, Board Certified Nutrition Specialist, Writer, Reiki Master & Teacher, and the Owner of Muse Wellness.  I have been active in health and wellness for 26 years and have worked as a professional educator and trainer for 25 years.  My interest in esthetic nutrition began many years ago while working with spa clients whose skin always seemed to have a lot more going on than just being subjected to the wrong cleanser.  What my clients were experiencing was a mix of digestive issues, dehydration, and food sensitivities exacerbated by lifestyle factors and no amount of face cream was going to fix it.  That's because, healthy skin is a sign of a healthy body and your skin shows how you've been living.  But it's more than what you put on your face.  How we feel about ourselves, our partners, our kids, our jobs, in addition to what we eat (or don't eat), creates a "back story" that ultimately affects the health of our skin.  I started Muse Wellness to not only help people with their skin issues but lift their spirits as well.

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Tasha D. Manigo-Bizzell

It wasn't until I faced my own health challenges, and nearly died, that I realized that being healthy includes everything we do.  And everything we put in our bodies, whether food or thoughts, has the potential to hurt or heal.  I decided to live well and I want you to live well too!  I believe that wellness is more than the absence of disease.  True wellness is a manifestation of the life you have created.  My goal is to help you take ownership of the things that influence your personal health by looking at what is working for you and what is not.  I follow an integrative approach, looking at ALL of you to determine the best way to help you be healthier.  By addressing the things that cause you stress and give you peace, we can help the food work better to strengthen your mind and body.  It’s how you will live brilliantly from head to soul!


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