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  • Tasha D. Manigo-Bizzell

Be Grateful

No matter what has happened to you (or in spite of you), you will never be happy if you don’t adopt an attitude of gratitude. As someone who has both sat on the rocks at the bottom and who has seen many beautiful mountain tops, I can tell you the darkest times were a little brighter when I decided to be grateful for the experiences and the lessons attached. I can attest it is not always easy to be thankful for hard stuff. You can’t always see the purpose in what you have been through or are continuing to go through, but I implore you to reflect on something you are grateful for.

Each of us has so many things to be grateful for but many of us never take the time to (actually) give thanks. If it is hard for you then start small. Be thankful for all the little things in this life- a compliment from a stranger, the concern of a friend, sunshine, rainbows, legs that work, soft tissue, a place to lay your head at night… “The Golden Bachelor” on Thursday nights! Just remember in all things give thanks. If this is still too difficult, here is a question for you to consider the next time you don't have enough time to stop, smell the roses, and give thanks: "What if you woke up today and ALL you had was what you were thankful for YESTERDAY?" Now, let’s practice being grateful today for tomorrow is not promised.

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