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  • Tasha D. Manigo-Bizzell

Know Thyself

Updated: May 4, 2023

I suspect your life is no different than mine. Every day you act in a series of roles depending on who you have to deal with that day. Playing the role of spouse, parent, partner, co-worker, friend, sometimes requires a different personality, disposition, or temperament. For me, my voice changes automatically depending on who I am speaking to. We learn to act a certain way, behave differently, feel differently because so-and-so might not understand if they saw the real us. This happens so often and for so long, that after a while, I don’t even think we even know the real us.

I’ve had moments when I have asked myself if I really liked something because I had been faking it for so long just to make someone else feel good. If this is happening to you, please stop this cycle! If you have lost yourself somewhere between a rock and someone’s (sensitive) feelings, then you need to get away and get to know yourself. Despite what others may say, nobody can tell you who you are, and no one can tell you what you like, think, want, or feel. This is where you stop pretending at your life and actually live it. In the coming weeks, make a date with yourself with the sole purpose of reconnecting to your life. Learn what moves you not what moves the people around you.

©Tasha D. Manigo-Bizzell


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