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Recipe Make-over UPDATE: Tasha's Chocolate Coconut Pudding

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

I love chocolate but I am not a chocoholic so I don't care for overly rich chocolate desserts nor do I like overly sweet chocolate. I like a balance of flavors with the right amount of sweetness and chocolatey goodness to make me forget the dessert might actually be, dare I say, good for me. Since becoming a nutritionist and having certain dietary restrictions of my own, I have made it my mission to revamp some of my favorite recipes so as not to feel deprived and to present my clients with healthier alternatives and yummy swaps. And dessert seems to be the thing that most people think they can no longer enjoy especially if they want to lose weight. I have said before that no matter what you eat you have to be smart about it, including how and when you indulge. Periodically I will offer my own take on a recipe that I think can be made just a little better so we can all enjoy regardless of our dietary proclivities.

This month I'm sharing one of my favorites- chocolate pudding which when you think about it, can really fill the void whether you're craving chocolate ice cream or a fudge brownie. I find when it comes to chocolate, if I can just have that flavor I don't necessarily mind if it's not a huge slab of cake as long as it tastes really good and it satisfies my chocolate fix. But this is dessert and should not be part of your daily meal planning and you will want to account for its inclusion by adjusting in other areas. So maybe you'll skip the baked potato... and drink water.

Since this is a recipe makeover, don't skimp on the ingredients. In other words, use the best stuff i.e. - pure vanilla extract, real maple syrup, etc. This recipe makes eight 1/2 cup (4-ounces) servings and has approximately 240 calories per serving. Now before you get all bent out of shape because of the calorie count, remember the average candy bar has that much and sometimes more, AND is not nearly as satisfying or the least bit nutritious. Also, a good amount of the calories (and fat content) comes from the coconut milk which has so many health benefits, (you can read all about the wonderful world of coconut here), that make it perfect for disguising this dessert as a potential "health food".


-3 Tablespoons tapioca starch (dissolved in 6 Tablespoons of cold water)

-1/4 cup maple syrup or (coconut) sugar (*DO NOT use pancake syrup)

-1/4 teaspoon sea salt

-one 14 ounce can of coconut milk

-1 cup milk chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate chips

-2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract


1- Combine tapioca starch, sugar, and salt in medium sauce pan on medium heat.

A word about thickeners- they give this dessert its pudding consistency. I prefer using tapioca but you can use arrowroot or kudzu. Some purists may prefer cornstarch and you certainly can use it but the whole point of this revamp is swapping in healthier alternatives. Cornstarch is difficult to digest not to mention some people are allergic to corn or are trying to avoid grains in general. It is best to completely dissolve the tapioca (or any starch you use) in a bit of cold water before combining with the sugar and salt.

2- Pour in half of the coconut milk and whisk until smooth.

If you like you can use lite coconut milk to "soften" the pudding and cut down a bit of the calories. I promise it will still be perfectly smooth and creamy.

3- Whisk in the remaining milk and bring the mixture to a boil.

You don't have to constantly stir but you don't want to walk away or you will end up with a globby mess.

4- Lower the heat and whisk until the mixture has thickened.

This only takes a few minutes. You will know you're getting there when the pudding coats a spoon.

5- Remove from the heat and add chocolate chips and vanilla extract.

Whisk until smooth.

6- Pour into eight 4-ounce glass jars and let the pudding cool before refrigerating.


Serving Size- 4 ounces

Calories- 241

Carbs- 24g

Sugars- 18g

Fiber- 1g

Fat- 17g

Protein- 1g

©2016 by Tasha D. Manigo-Bizzell

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