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  • Tasha D. Manigo-Bizzell

"Healing Words" Workshop: Writing for Health & Wellness

Dis-ease happens to us all and can manifest in our lives as physical illness, emotional stress, spiritual disconnectedness, or even mental anguish. It can thwart our creativity, keep us from fulfilling our life's purpose, support procrastination and leave us feeling (generally) stuck in place. But within each of us is an inherent ability to heal and buried deep inside is the key(s) to physical, emotional, professional, spiritual, mental, financial, interpersonal, creative health. Sometimes what is keeping us from being well is a blocking of the path to healing.

Do you say "I'm tired, fat, stressed, angry, ill, stuck..."? Your words may be keeping you sick. Our words are containers of tremendous power and create the world around us. Through writing, we can begin to release the strongholds that keep us from living abundantly well. Join Muse Wellness Company for an interactive workshop to learn how to use your words to uncover what might be keeping you dis-eased and from living brilliantly from head to soul.

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